The Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes examines and certifies people who wish to establish their competence in the field of genealogical research. The first level of certification is that of Genealogical Record Searcher [Canada] [GRS (C)]; the second is that of certified Genealogist [Canada] [CG (C) ]. By completing a preliminary appliction form that assigns points for education, genealogical research experience, and publication, a candidate discovers whether he or she has points sufficient to apply for certification at either of these two levels.

Following the Guide for Certification Candidates [1993], applicants will proceed with work samples showing competency pertinent to the level of certification desired, examination of that sample by Institue readers, pass a written examination, and if necessary engage in an oral examination of genealogical knowledge. All successful applicants will on completion of these steps be required to sign the Code of Ethics of the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes.

The Institute publishes an in-house newsletter, East Coast Roots; has an Annual General Meeting which rotates among the Maritime provinces; and maintains membership by the payment of annual professional dues. Officers are formally elected at the AGM, consisting of President, Directors, Registrar, Treasurer and Recording Secretarty. Society and archival delegates also sit on the Board.

Address enquiries and applictions to:
The Registrar
Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes
P.O. Box 36022
5675 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1G0

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