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Why a Heritage Centre?

Hantsport and area has a rich heritage encompassing the latter half of the 19th centruy when the Churchill and North shipyards were significant producers of square-rigged sailing ships for the world's oceans. In the 20th century the Murray mill, the Joudrey enterprises, the gypsum shipping facility, and other businesses rewulted in Hantsport being known as "the town of industries". Another facet of Hantsport's rich history, now also vanished, is the Lucknow Branch 109 of the Royal Canadian Legion (1946-2012). Yet another aspect of the community's history are the Shamrock baseball teams. The surviving records and memoprabilia of the shipyards, the industries, the incorporated town, the Legion, the Shamrocks, etc. are not accessible to the public, to school children, to tourists, or to researchers. Many of these irreplaceable items have been entrusted to the Hantsport & Area Historical Society (HHS, but the Society has no place to display these items, and insufficient resources to provide secure and proper storage. With each passing year, fewer citizens who knew Hantsport in the 20th centurey are present to document those years. With their departure, historic artifacts that still lie in Hantsport attics lose their meaning and vanish, either into the antique market or into landfills. In addition to preserving and displaying the history of the the community, the proposed Heritage Centre would stimulate and encourage donations of records and artifacts that still remain in the Hantsport area.

A Heritage Centre is Possible!

The initiative and work of an HHS committee over the past year has led to an offer from the directors of Scotia Investments Limited (SIL) to sell the building and land at 46, 48, and 50 Main Street, Hantsport, to the HHS for $1 for the purpose of a Heritage Centre. that extraordinary, generous gesture demonstrates the dedication to Hantsprot and its history by SIL and its owners.

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