James Harding Virtual Exhibit



Type:Ferry Boat

Launch:20 August 1925

Builder: Shelburne Shipbuilders, James Harding

Size:117.4 x 25.6 x 8.8

Owner:North Shore Steamship Company, Sydney, Nova Scotia


Photo:Tied up at the wharf on Dock Street, Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

Shelburne Gazette and Coast Guard 27 August 1925 "Fine Steamer Launched    The Aspy is the Finest Yet...The Aspy was begun last April and the rapid progress made by master builder Jas. H. Harding and his competent staff, attracted many visitors to the yard as the work went along. She is of the 'three-decker' type: main deck, promenade deck and boat or hurricane deck. On the main deck are the saloons, dining room, pantry and the engineers and officers rooms. On the promenade deck are the Captain's room, pilot house, staterooms, lounge and smoking rooms. The four lifeboats will be located on the hurricane deck. The main and promenade decks afford large space for accommodation of excursionists.

She is wired throughout for electric lights and has a full outfit of plumbing, every room having running water. She is steam heated. The plumbing, heating and wiring were all installed before launching. The engine and boiler room will be especially heavy, and she will be towed to Halifax to have them installed there and it is intended to have her on her route, on the north shore of Cape Breton in a very few weeks.

The Aspy is without doubt the finest steamer ever turned out of a Nova Scotia yard, and her owners, headed by Messrs. Jas.T. Burchell and J.A. Young are greatly pleased with her."