James Harding Virtual Exhibit


Type: Schooner
Launch: 25 March 1925
Designer: William J Roue
Builder:  Shelburne Shipbuilders Ltd., James H Harding
Size: 128.2 x 27.6 x 12.1
Owner: Henry W Adams& Alexander Knickle

Shelburne Gazette and Coast Guard 13 November 1924.

"Shelburne Will Build Racer-Shelburne Shipbuilders Have Contract

"A new salt-banker, backed by a Halifax syndicate, will compete next fall for the now famous Fishermen's International Cup; and Shelburne will have more than the usual interest in the race series, for the new craft will be built at the yards of our well known ship and yacht building firm, Shelburne Shipbuilders Ltd. Her lines are by Roue, and though she is strictly a bone fide fisherman in hull, rig and equipment, yet she will be the last word in her class. Master Builder James Harding is now at work on her moulds, and active construction will begin immediately."

Shelburne Gazette and Coast Guard 25 March 1925. "Haligonian Takes the Water-Handsome Vessel Glides Gracefully From the Ways... Though built with an eye to the Cup, yet she is strictly a fisherman. Her dimensions, both as regards the hull ands also sail area, have been kept safely within the regulations; and instead of building a mere racing shell, her materials are actually heavier than the ordinary fishing schooner...Her keel, stem, sternpost, etc. are of oak; deck of white pine; ceiling and bilge stringers of spruce and Oregon, the bilge being particularly heavy. Bolting and fastenings are all galvanized. Her iron work is beautifully finished, and Mr. Spidell the foreman blacksmith, is receiving many compliments on its account.

...Mr. Roue is outspoken in praise of the strict and careful manner in which Mr. Harding followed his designs; and regards (sic.) workmanship and finish, anyone who is familiar with Mr Harding's record can feel sure that in those two important aspects she is something to be proud of. ...Outside the riggers the only ones aboard (at the launching) were Capt. Crouse, Mrs. Crouse and Mrs. Harding wife of master builder. Mrs. Crouse performed the christening. The work of rigging is underway."

The Chronicle Herald 26 December 1974. "...Only one fishing schooner ever defeated the famed Bluenose in a race, the Haligonian...
The Haligonian first raced the Bluenose and lost...later she was anchored in the Canso Strait and ran aground. After a new keel was installed, she raced the Bluenose in the Lunenburg Fishermen's Race and won by nine minutes."