James Harding Virtual Exhibit


Name: Thorndyke

Type: Schooner

Launch: 19 March 1920

Builder: Shelburne Shipbuilders Ltd., James H Harding

Size: 128.4 x 27.1 x 11.1

Owner: Capt John Thornhill of Grand Bank, Newfoundland

'Neither sleet nor snow'!

A side view of the Thorndyke with the beginnings of the Nellie T Walters in the foreground. The masts are in, men are working on them. Note the horse-drawn carriage in the foreground. The Yacht Club is in the background left, then the shipyard structures, with the upper storeys of the Morrison and Deinstadt houses.

A winter day with heavy snow cover. This photo shows the shipyard buildings more clearly.

The shipyard was renovated in 2001 by the Shelburne Historical Society. It is now known as the Muir-Cox Shipyard Interpretative Centre. The activities include boat building-models to dories.