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Family Tree

James Havelock Harding (1883-1978)

Of four Harding brothers who arrived in Shelburne as United Empire Loyalists, three have left descendants: George, Jasper and Richard.

Jasper Harding (born about 1748 in Ireland) married Elizabeth Hanson (born 1765 in Delaware) before 1786. Their third son, Richard (born 17 May 1791 in Port Le Hebert), married Isabella McDonald (born 1794) on 5 January 1822. Richard and Isabella's son, Cornelius (born 16 July 1838), married Mary Ann Decker.

James MacKay Harding (1926-1995)

The fourth son of Jasper and Elizabeth Harding, Robert (born 1791), married Mary McMillan. Their daughter Matilda married Jacob Decker. Mary Ann Decker was born on 8 Oct 1841.

Cornelius and Mary Ann Harding had four children: Hedley Vickers in 1865, Isabel in 1876, Elizabeth Ann in 1880, and James Havelock 10 October 1883.

Harding House on John Street, Jennie Harding in front.

On 22 December 1915, James Havelock Harding and Jennie Arnold McKay (born 4 April 1893), relative of Donald McKay of Clipper ship fame, were married in her parent's home in Jordan Falls. They had one child, James McKay Harding, 4 January 1926.