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Assessment Records

Assessment records list taxes paid by individuals in the community.

Some records provide a specific location in the area, such as a Street Name.
The occupation of the individual taxpayer may be listed.
Names of members of the family are not noted in the assessment polls.
County Records
1786 & 1787, Assessment Records for Shelburne County
1792, Poll Tax on Shelburne County [link - online NSArchives]
1842, Assessment Records for Barrington Township
1852 - 1856, Record of assessments of poor rates: Cape Negro, Cape Sable Island, Port Latour, Villagedale, Barrington, Woods Harbour
1900, Town of Lockeport, Municipal assessment roll
Census Records

Early census records did not cover every district and generally listed:
Heads of Households only
Details as to the Size of the Family,
Acreage Farmed,
Occupation, Trade or Profession of the householder.
In 1871 the censuses began to list the Name of each individual along with the following details at the time of the census:
Country or Province of Birth
Marital Status.
Voters' Lists

The voters list gives a listing of all individuals who voted or qualified to vote in the election of that year.

The voters list we have gives a list of individuals, residence, PO address, street name, and nature of qualification, whether it be the owner of real estate, an occupant, or tenant.

- Shelburne Voters List, January 1, 1886
Gives a listing of heads of families in different areas of Shelburne County. The occupations and distance from settlements such as Yarmouth and Halifax are also listed. In some cases the approximate population of the area is also given.

We have the following Directories available
MacAlpine directory of Shelburne County - 1866-1867, 1868, 1870-1871, 1901, 1907-1908
Bradstreets Report of the Dominion of Canada
Shelburne County Directory - 1914
Belcherís Farmerís Almanac - 1882, 1930 - gives professions, ministers, officials, where degrees were received (doctors), bar passed (lawyers).

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MacAlpine Gazetteer - Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland 1898
MacAlpine Gazetteer - 1911

Place Names
Place Names of Nova Scotia - PANS 1967 - link to NSARM
Place Names of Atlantic Canada - Hamilton, William, Toronto 1996

Our Treasures
Mayflower Descendant Magazine first 10 Volumes July 1899 to July 1908
Jones, Emma Brewster. The Brewster Genealogy Volumes 1 and 2, 1908
Original Diary of William K McLearn, Little Harbour, Shelburne County, 1893 - 1907, Indexed.
Transcription of Diary of Alexander Houston at New York and Shelburne, Nova Scotia 1778-1788
The Barrington Times, Barrington, May 19 1884, Volume 1, handwritten, 4 pages. W. A. Doane editor and publisher
1881, 1891, and 1901 Censuses are available and indexed.
The Psalms of David 1797. Donated Nellie Davis Dauphinee
Reverse of Flyleaf with birth of John Thomas Etherington records November 5th 1807
Hamilton Survey of a lot at Johnson's Pond, Port L'Hebert (Port Le Bear in the description)
Psalms of David 1797 with recorded birth of John Thomas Etherington (Nov 05, 1807)
Brewster Genealogy
Hamilton Survey of a lot at Johnson's Pond, Port L'Hebert (Port Le Bear in the description)
circa 1820.
One of the Family Bibles in the Society's possession.
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Record of Births from 1766 to 1847
Land Grants

We have over 200 photocopies of early Land Grants as well as the Ambrose Church Maps of Shelburne and the Municipality of Barrington. There are also a number of Indexed Maps showing Grants.