Loyalist Sources

Archibald, Mary
Gideon White, Loyalist.
Halifax. 1975. This account includes background information on his family and various aspects of life in eighteenth century Shelburne, such as the economic activities, political affairs, religious matters and education.

Archibald, Mary
Loyalists in the American Revolution.
Editor of series. Includes Joseph Durfee, Boston King, Hannah Ingraham, Jonathan Odell, John Johnson, Molly Brandt, William Schurman and Peter Sherk.

Archibald, Mary
Rules and Orders of the Friendly Fire - Club, 1784
Includes brief biographies of members.

Archibald, Mary
Shelburne Home of the Loyalists.

Archibald, Mary
The Shelburne Loyalists.
In Nova Scotia Historical Review, Vol 3, Number 1, 1983. "This article contains the stories of those thousands who found their first refuge on the shores of the harbour at Port Roseway, now Shelburne, Nova Scotia."

Archibald, Mary; Elizabeth DeMoliter and Cathy Holmes.
Loyalist Dress in Nova Scotia. 1775 - 1800

Atlantic Advocate.
Seven issues with Loyalist history.

Atkinson, Gordon R. Compiler.
Some lands granted to some disbanded Loyalist soldiers.

Banks, Herbert Robertson.
The Barrington Robertsons.
In Nova Scotia Historical Review Volume 3, November 1, 1983. William Robertson the progenitor of the Barrington Robertsons came with fellow Loyalist from New York. This family was active in politics and played a prominent role in the community.

John MacAlpine. The Loyalist from Crown Point, New York: His Life and Times form 1774 - 1783.

Blakeley, Phyllis Ruth.
Boston King (1760 - 1802). "Loyalists in the American Revolution".
In series edited by Archibald, Mary.

Blakeley, Phyllis and John Grant. Editors.
Eleven Exiles."Accounts of Loyalists of the American Revolution".
Includes; John Howe, Francis Green, Joseph Durfee, Molly Brant, Ward Chipman, William Schurman, Sir John Johnson, Ranna Cossit, Sarah Sherwood, Boston King, Mr. Secretary Jarvis

Booth, Capt. William
Rough notes and memorandums 1787 - 1789.
Photocopies of the original which is held at Acadia University. Also a typescript of the original, along with index, and glossary.

Britt, Kent
The Loyalists,
National Geographic Magazine. 1975

Bumstead, J.M.
Understanding the Loyalists

Cahill, Barry
"Fraser's A Sketch of Shelburnian Manners--anno 1787"
A very critical; judgemental account of Shelburne written by a contemporary resident. In Nova Scotia Historical Review, Volume 10, November 2. 1990

Cahill, Barry
Stephen Blucke: The Peril of Being a "White Negro" in Loyalist Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Historical Review. Volume 11 #1

Clark, George, Elliott
Fire on Water, An Anthology of Black Nova Scotia Writing
1991 Includes writings of David George, John Marrant, and Boston King. Each of these were early residence of Shelburne.

Clark, M
Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War
Volumes 1 and 2

Cooke, Findley
History and Stories of Isaac's Harbour and Goldboro Formac Publishing Ltd. 1976

Crowell, Edwin A.
History Of Barrington Township and Vicinity Shelburne County, Nova Scotia 1604 - 1870, With a Biographical and Genealogical Index
Includes the hardships encountered by the Loyalists, trading patterns and the militia.

Crozier, W. Collin
The Corporal Hugh Campbell Family History 1760 - 1835

Cuthbertson, Brain C.
The Journal of John Payzant.
This is an account of the commencement of religion in Nova Scotia, 1760 - 1810

Cuthbertson, Brian C.
Johnny Bluenose at the Polls, Epic Nova Scotian Battles. 1758 - 1848

Cuthbertson, Brain C.
The Loyalist Governor.
Halifax, 1983. A Biography of Sir John Wentworth

Cutbertson, Brain C.
The First Bishop. A Biography of Charles Bishop.
The influential Bishop during the period of Loyalist settlement.

DeMarce, Virginia
German Military Settlers in Canada After the American Revolution

Doane, Herbert Leander
The Barrington Sargents, Descendants of John Sargent UE. 1916

Duneau, Shawn
New Brunswick Loyalists. A Bicentennial Tribute
A Short biographical listing by surname.

Duffus, Allan, and others
Thy Dwellings Fair, Churches of Nova Scotia 1750 - 1830
This illustrated book shows the impact of the Loyalists on the architecture of many churches.

Edwards, J. Plimpsoll
The Shelburne That Was and Is Not.
Dalhousie Review, Tells of the arrival of the Loyalists, their characteristics, their hardships and much more.

Edwards, J. Plimpsoll
Vicissitudes of a Loyalist City
Dalhousie Review, A continuation of Edward's analysis of the life and government in Shelburne during Loyalist times.

Elliott, Shirley
A Directory of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, 1758 - 1958
Halifax, Gives a brief biographical sketch of each MLA.

Ells, Margaret
A Calendar of the White Collection of Manuscripts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.
Halifax, Most of these papers are now closed to the Public but this very detailed compilation provides valued data.

Facey - Crowther, David
The New Brunswick Militia Commissioned officers List 1787 - 1867

Fergusson, Charles Bruce
Clarkson's mission to American 1791 - 1792
Halifax. 1971. A journal of Clarkson's travels to Nova Scotia and accounts of people he met in the Shelburne area. Includes list of Blacks going to Sierra Leone.

Field, Richard Henning
Spirit of Nova Scotia, Traditional Decorative Folk Art. 1780 - 1930
Includes some Loyalist artifacts.

Finley, A. Gregg
The Loyalists: a catalogue featuring...Loyalist history
New Brunswick Museum. 1975

Fraser, Alexander
Second Report of the Bureau of Archives...of Ontario.
Loyalist land claims. Most Shelburne claimants are photocopied. We have a very fragile original copy and also a more detailed microfiche copy.

Fryer, Mary Babock
Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist) Corps, Can. Command.
American Revolutionary period.

Gilroy, Marion
Loyalists and Land Settlements in Nova Scotia
An alphabetical list of loyalist Grants. Gives the location, the number of acres received and in some cases the regiments.

Grant, Gordon
From Slavery to Freedom: The Life of David George, Pioneer Black Minister.
1992, Begins with the birth of David in 1743 in Essex County, Virginia; describes his stay in the Maritimes including his ministry in the new Loyalist town of Shelburne.

Grant, John
Black Immigrants to Nova Scotia

Grant, John
Black Nova Scotians

Greenwood, Rev. Walter R.
History of Freeport, Nova Scotia.
Includes a list of grantees and muster roll.

Hannon, Leslie
Redcoats and Loyalists, 1760 - 1815

Harvey, Mary MacKay
Gardens of Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Diaries from Loyalist days, ads in the newspaper listing available seeds, daybooks of merchants and the writings of visitors help in the reconstruction of initial gardens on the Ross Thomson grounds.

Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia
South Shore Seasoned Timbers
Includes a number of Loyalist homes.

Hodges, Graham Russel The Black Loyalist Directory. African Americans in Exile after the American Revolution
An excellent resource book.

Irwin, Edward Prescott.U.E.
A Loyalist Family Album
Includes John Irwin's description of campaigns he was in as a soldier on the British side of the war.

Johnson, D. F.
Vital Statistics From New Brunswick Newspapers 1784 - 1881
55 volumes

Jones, Alice
Twice A Refuge. "The Bower Story"
The story of Loyalist Adam Bower and a listing of his descendants.

Jost, Arthur C.
Guysborough Sketches and Other Essays
Includes information on a number of regiments, Loyalist grantees and genealogies of Loyalist families. *Note also the printed index for Guysborough Sketches.

Kelby, William
Orderly Book of Three Battalions of Loyalists Commanded by Brigadier - General Oliver DeLancey 1776 - 1778.
To which is appended a list of New York Loyalists in the City of New York during the war of the revolution.

Keyes, Gene
The Quaker Whaler House in Dartmouth.

Kidwell, Marion
Samuel Andrews, Sr. of Tusket, Nova Scotia and Some of His Descendants.
Samuel Andrews of North Carolina was a loyalist leader during the revolution. He came to Shelburne, then on to Tusket before settling in Yarmouth.

Kimball, H.W.
Massachusettes Society of the Sons of the American Revolution 1889 - 1910.
Frequently families purposefully placed members on each side of revolution - then no matter who won they could keep their homes and assets.

Kirkconnell, Watson
"The Loyalists of Nova Scotia"
From the Loyalist Gazette Vol 7, No. 2

Koen, Mary Elizabeth
Sydney County Nova Scotia 1838 Census Index

Leiby, Adrian
The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley. The Jersey Dutch and the Neutral Ground. 1775 - 1783
This account protrays the patriot point of view with the VanBuskirk family and other Loyalists considered the enemy.

Logan, G Murray
Scottish Highlanders and the American Revolution

Loyalist Articles providing insights into the Settlement of Shelburne. A variety of magazines, pamplets, workshop presentations.

Loyalist Gazette 1969 - 1991, most issues

Loyalist Settlements
Loyalist Land Claims

MacKay, Donald Cameron
Silversmiths and Related Craftsmen of the Atlantic Provinces.
Chronological notes which include seventeen Loyalists.

Magee, Joan
Loyalist Mosaic, a multi-ethnic heritage. McMurtie, Douglas C. The Royal Printers of Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Marble, Allen
A Catalogue of Published Genealogies of Nova Scotia Families

Marble, Allen
Deaths, Burial and Probate records of Nova Scotians. 1764 -
Vol 1 and 2

Marsh, Audrey
Amos Elliott, Loyalist (Fiction)

Mertz, Johannes Helmut
He Was a Hessian

Mertz, Johannes Helmut
The Hessians of Nova Scotia.
The personal data file of 225 Hessians Soldiers who settled in Nova Scotia after the American Revolution.

Militia Muster Rolls

Mosher, Edith M with Nellie Fox
Land of the Loyalist The story of Captain John Grant...

Mullins, Janet Elizabeth
Some Liverpool Chronicles
Includes some Loyalist families.

New Brunswick Historical Society
Loyalist Souvenir, 1783 - 1883

New Brunswick Museum
Inventory of Manuscripts. 1967

Nelson, William
New Jersey Marriages, 1665 - 1800

Nelson, William
New Jersey Biographical and Genealogical Notes

Niven, Laird
Birchtown Archaeological Survey (1993). The Black Settlement of Shelburne County

Nova Scotia Statistics From Newspapers 1783 - 1785
9 volumes

Old United Empire Loyalist List...
of the Settlements in Upper Canada 1784 - 1884

PANS. The Loyalist Guide
Nova Scotia Loyalists and their documents.

Paris, Cherry M
An Unclouded Day.
A brief account of Black Loyalists

Perkins, Semeon
The Diary of Simeon Perkins (5 Volumes)
Includes the Loyalist Period

Pipes, Gail Bonsall (Compiler)
Loyalists All

Poole, Edmund Duval
Annals of Yarmouth and Barrington, Nova Scotia in the Revolutionay War.

Port Roseway Associates Minute Book
Original in the National Archives. Photocopy of the original, which is held at National Archives in Ottawa. Includes alphabeltical lists of the members with numbers in their family and the number of servants who came with them to Port Roseway.

Powell, Karen Grovestine
A Genealogical Study of the Grovestine Family of Shelburne, Nova Scotia
The descendants of Loyalist Garrett Grovestine (originally Grabsteiner) of New York and Shelburne. This manuscript is presently being updated by Karen.

Punch, Terence M.
The People of Nova Scotia before 1850

Punch, Terence M.
Religious Marriage in Halifax 1768 - 1841

Raddall, Thomas Head
Tarleton's Legion
Nova Scotia Historical Society Collection. Very interesting exerpts from Marston's Diary

Reid, Jennie
Musquodoboit Pioneers: A Record of Seventy Families, their Homesteads and Genealogies. 1780 - 1980, Volumes 1 and 2
Some Loyalist Families

Regiment Lists and Muster Rolls
Some obtained directly from the Public Record office in London, England.

Ricker, Jackson
Historical Sketches of Glenwood and the Argyles, Yarmouth County Nova Scotia.
Includes Loyalist land grants and data on the early settles.

Robertson, Marion
Andrew Barclay...A Scottish Bookbinder and Candlemaker.
One of Shelburne's Loyalists

Robertson, Marion
Issac Hildreth: Loyalist Architect
In Bluenose Magazine. Volume #1, also found in Folklore Column #38.

Robertson, Marion
Kings Bounty, A History of Early Shelburne Nova Scotia
A comprehensive history of the founding of Shelburne by Loyalists, of the development of their settlement, their industries and all facets of day to day activities. The major research book for Shelburne historians and genealogists.

Robertson, Marion
The Family of Donald McKay: The McKays and the MacPhersons
The Nova Scotia Historical Society. Collections. Vol #37

Robertson, Marion
James Bruce, Shelburne's First Collector of Customs
Nova Scotia Historical Review Vol 14#1

Robertson, Marion
The Loyalist Printers: James and Alexander Robertson
In Nova Scotia Historical Review. Vol.3#1

Robertson, Marion
The Port Roseway Associates
In Nova Scotia Historical Review, Vol.3#1983. Biographical Sketches of 15 Port Roseway Associates.

Robertson, Marion
Trinity United Church, Shelburne NS
The History and people involved in both the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of Shelburne.

Robertson, Thomas
History of Shelburne County, 1871

Rodger, N
Naval Records for Genealogists. Public Records Office, London

Roxby, Donald
The First Eight Generations fo the Roxby Family in North Amreica.

Sabine, Lorenzo
Biographical Sketches of the Loyalists of the American Revolution. Volumes 1 and 2

Scott, Mark (Compiler)
Muster Book of Free Blacks

Scott, Ruth
A History of Nashwaaksis, 1765 - 1913
New Brunswick

Shelburne Board of Trade
Welcome to Shelburne

Smith, Eleanor Robertson
Alexander and Agness Hogg and Their Descendants. A Hogg Family Of Nova Scotia
Agness was the daughter of Capt James Hamilton UEL and wife of desbanded soldier Alexander Hogg.

Smith, Eleanor Robertson
Loyalist Foods in Today's Recipes
A social historical cook book which has numerous exerpts from Loyalist papers.

Smith, Rev Thomas Watson
The Loyalists in Shelburne
Winner of the Atkins essay prize.

Smith, Thomas Watson
The Slave in Canada
Deals with slavery during the Loyalist Period.

Stewart, Walter
True Blue, The Loyalist Legend

Terry, Patricia (Editor)
Barrington Township Records.
Early records of Marriage, Births, and Deaths in Barrington, Nova Scotia from the year 1761.

Troxler, Carole Watterson
The Migration of Carolina and Georgia Loyalists to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. (A PhD thesis, 1974)
Includes a list of Freed Blacks at Shelburne.

Tudor, Kathleen
David George: Black Loyalist
A former slave, an educated mand, a Black Loyalist, a Baptist Minister was an influential man in the early days of Shelburne.

United Empire Loyalist Association
An Island Refuge
Loyalists, and Disbanded Troops on the Island Of Saint John, (PEI).

VanTyne, Claude Halstead
The Loyalists who were in the American Revolution. A History of the Loyalists who were driven into exile to Canada and elsewhere.

Vroom, James
The Hessians

Walker, James W. St. G.
The Black Loyalists: The Search for a Promised land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone 1783 - 1870.
Includes establishment at Birchtown, Nova Scotia

Webster, Deborah
Ross-Thomson House

Wetmore, Donald and Leslie Sellick
Loyalists in Nova Scotia
A number of sketches - the quality varies.

Wilson, Issac W.
The Geography and History of the County of Digby.

Wright, Esther Clark
The Loyalists of New Brunswick

Wright, Esther Clark
Planters and Pioneers

Note: our library also has the complete set of early Shelburne Loyalist newspapers available. Photocopied from originals at the British Newspaper Library, the New York Public Library and the Public Archieves of Nova Scotia. With permission of the record holders.

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